Multicultural Counseling - Welcome - Beltsville, MD
Multicultural Counseling & Consulting Center, LLC - Services in three languages
Multilingual services (English, Spanish, French, Haitian-Creole, Somali, Mongo, Douala, Mopke )
“Have you ever heard the phrase "we solve our own problems". Or that it is a weakness to express your emotions. Are you from a culture where it is not okay to see a therapist? Are you overwhelmed with thoughts? If you could just talk to someone about it...Well you are in the right place. At Multicultural Counseling and Consulting Center, you will find a warm and safe place to express these feelings or emotions, manage stress, reduce anxiety, cope with depression or grief, understand anger, and deal with life's transitions without violating your family or cultural principles. Perhaps you are searching for a Christian Counselor who will be able to understand you and your family holistically.  We are ready to serve you. 
Let us help you. 
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