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Multicultural Counseling & Consulting Center, LLC - Services in three languages

     Dr. Marie Fonrose is an educator, educational leader, and recognized authority on preparing young people for post-secondary opportunities. Her trilingualism has afforded her the opportunity to serve students nationally and internationally.  Dr. Fonrose has extensive professional experience in the educational arena having served in a full range of positions as guidance chairperson, professional school counselor, special education coordinator, 504-coordinator, SAT-reader, teacher, and college counselor.
     She is educated at the highest levels with an earned doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook University.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University.  Additionally, Dr. Fonrose has participated in special seminars and continuing education experiences on college admissions strategies and techniques at Delaware State University, the National Association of College Admission Counseling, the College Board, the American School Counselor's Association, and American Counseling Association.She is an Associate Professor at Central Michigan University and an Adjunct at Prince George's Community College.
     She has successfully placed over 2,000 students in colleges and universities both in this country and abroad.  She has been honored for her works in education and for numerous civic contributions. Her service on boards, foundations, and special committees is extraordinary.  She holds membership and leadership posts in a number of nationally recognized professional and learned societies.

At Multicultural College Consulting, our aim is provide superior educational services to families from all walks of life by helping families navigate the college application process.  All services are available a la carte so you reduce your total bill by choosing only those services you require.  If you prefer a package deal, please indicate that on your appointment form.

(PRICE:  $150/hour)

  • Academic Consultation 
  • Discuss students and parents interests, needs, desires, and concerns about colleges and the college admissions process                            
  • Developing a 4-year plan
  • Formulation of College Apply List
  • Resume Critique
  • Interview Preparation
  • Develop testing timeline
  • Discuss "Best fit" factors for colleges

  • Advice on Teacher Recommendations
  • Applications check and review
  • Student Self-Awareness Process: Personality Inventories, College Match, Majors, and Career interests
  • Assessment and recommendations of academic history (grades, tests, coursework)
  • Advice & Review student's extracurricular activities & provide recommendations if needed
  • Brainstorm, check & review personal statements (Essays)
  • Guidance on Test Prep resources
  • Develop Preliminary College List
  • Discuss and provide information with campus visits
  • Discuss Interview Skills
  • Discuss Letters of acceptance
  • Review Early Application/Early Decision options
  • Compare College Choices
  • Advice on financial aid process and scholarships
  • Discuss statement of Intent to Register
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